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Our students have been undertaking various learning experiences encouraging teamwork, collaboration, problem solving skills and creativity. These learning engagements include robotics in the classroom, art, hands-on mathematical activities, ICT opportunities and more.


Students work in small groups to code and program the Dash robot to achieve specific challenges. They collaborate and use trial and error strategies during the lesson and can choose task cards to challenge their learning. Using masking tape, they create a maze which they then use blocky on the i-pads to connect the blocks to create a program for the Dash.

Microsoft Office 365

Students have been practising their typing skills by publishing their writing using a Word document on Microsoft Office 365. They are learning how to change the font, writing style, adding capital letters and punctuation. Students are enjoying the typing time and are also learning how to save their document as a pdf and email it to the teacher.

Mathematical Activities

During number and algebra students have been focusing on using trading strategies to add and subtract 4-digit numbers. Students have also been engaging in Mathletics online and learning through play.


Students have been experimenting with paint, pens and oil pastels during Visual Arts. Students created artwork using warm colours and blending strokes using nature as their inspiration. Students also explored different architecture and building and how to create shadows in their artwork. 

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