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Mrs L. Sekhar

Mrs. Sekhar has served as the Assistant Principal, Curriculum and Instruction (APC&I) at Auburn Public School since 2018. Prior to her tenure at Auburn Public School, she held leadership positions in various educational institutions. Throughout her career spanning over 30 years, Mrs. Sekhar has demonstrated a profound passion for fostering a genuine love for learning among her students, extending beyond the classroom. Her dedication to motivating students to pursue their interests has been evident in her teaching approach.

The role of Assistant Principal, Curriculum and Instruction is pivotal in educational leadership, focusing on the integration of literacy and numeracy knowledge and skills within the curriculum and assessment frameworks. This leadership position is dedicated to enhancing the quality of teaching practices, ensuring they align with best practices in literacy and numeracy instruction.

Through her leadership, she strives to create an environment where both students and educators can thrive academically, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth


Ms. G Kotsiras